“A project is complete when it starts working for you, rather than you working for it.”

– Scott Allen

The success of a project depends as much on the management of the process as the ideas being executed.  The world’s most innovative product will fail if the execution of the idea is mismanaged or under analyzed.  Through project planning, progress tracking, and team collaboration, a project is able to run seamlessly and efficiently, while being completed on budget and on time.

Do you know the exact status of each of your projects at any given time?  Does your team know the next tasks required, and are they self-sufficient in executing those tasks?  Are there systems in place that alert you as soon as a project is trending over-budget or over-time?  These are the questions that we will help you answer, and in the process your project management environment is refined and optimized.

Our approach to project management encourages the use of automation software, task management apps, customized Excel spreadsheets, and periodic reports.  These tools ensure that every project is optimized and executed in such a way that it produces results for you and your client.

We help you develop establish systems for executing your projects, facilitate and manage the maintenance of those systems, implement and analyze tracking mechanisms, and encourage collaboration between team members.  We can function as your lead project manager, or simply provide insight into the process that should be followed and the tools that can ease the effort required to keep up with the scope changes, budget adjustments, and overall progress of the project.

What We Do

Task Management

  • Task Management Software Setup
  • Task Delegation within Teams
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Task Automation

Timeline Management

  • Timeline Development
  • Gantt Charts
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Insightful Timeline Reports

Financial Management

  • Estimate and Budget Formulation
  • Budget Status Reports
  • Invoice Generation
  • Profitability Reports

How You’ll Benefit

  • Team Leadership

  • Project Reports on Demand

  • Easy Oversight of Timelines

  • Constant Monitoring of Budgets

  • Less Administration, More Production

How We Do It

Project Management Software

There are so many project management and task management apps and software available, that it’s hard to know which ones are right for you.  Prior to implementing any software, we gain a deep understanding of your current system and the strengths of your individual team members.  Then, we identify software solutions that will help you plan and track the execution of your projects.


A good project manager manages projects.  A great project manager collaborates with and inspires team members, identifies areas for improvement within the project, and provides valuable insight to the client throughout the duration of the project.  By functioning as a collaborative project manager, we become part of your team and offer our expert knowledge to the process and the tracking of each project.

Insightful Reports

Whether we are directly involved in the daily project management or not, our customized reports can be utilized for progress tracking, profitability reporting, timeline management, budget analysis, and other key data and insights.  By targeting a few important data points, these reports are easily maintained, and highly insightful.  They provide incredibly useful information to both your internal team and your client.

Ready to get started?  Let’s talk.

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