Our 7-phase approach to small business consulting consists of an evolution of steps that build upon one another to provide the highest level of service and performance.  Each stage consists of meaningful tasks that help determine the unique solutions that can be implemented to reach your unique goals.

  FREE Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation - Phase Details

  • Discuss Your Business
  • Identify Your Goals
  • Explain What We Can Offer You

  Formal Proposal

Formal Proposal - Phase Details

  • Provide a Written Proposal Outlining Your Desired Services

  Observation and Discovery

Observation and Discovery - Phase Details

  • Work with Your Team to Understand Current Systems and Tasks
  • Review Current Software and Hardware
  • Define Desired Solutions
  • Complete Our Comprehensive Observation Worksheet

  Research and Development

Research and Development - Phase Details

  • Conduct Independent Research and Analysis
  • Identify Opportunities for Improvement
  • Develop Systems to Improve Process
  • Choose Software and Hardware Solutions


Recommendation - Phase Details

  • Provide a Written Recommendation of Solution Implementation


Implementation - Phase Details

  • Installation and Setup of All Implemented Software and Hardware
  • Training of Team Members

  On-Going Management and Evaluation

On-Going Management and Evaluation - Phase Details

  • Management of Implemented Systems
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Performance
  • Continued Optimization of All Aspects of Your Business