“I want to put a ding in the universe.”

– Steve Jobs

A coach motivates.  A coach inspires.  That’s exactly what we do as your business coach.  Running out of steam?  We’ll throw some coal on the embers for you.  Not sure which direction to take next?  We’ll outline a clear map of each route and allow you to choose your own adventure.  Want to research emerging trends in your industry, but don’t have the time?  We’ll capture the most relevant information and provide it to you in an easy to digest medium.

You’re not alone in your business.  We are here as an extension of your team, and ready to provide the feedback you need.  Sometimes, that feedback may not be what you want to hear, but it’s what you need to hear.  Not only will we tell you what we think, we’ll provide ideas for how to capitalize on the opportunities that we see.

As an entrepreneur, you likely have thousands of potential business ideas appear in your mind every day.  Knowing which of those ideas to dedicate your limited amount of time to can be challenging.  Having someone available to bounce your ideas off of allows you to receive instant feedback and guidance on what you should be focusing on.

Business is a lot of hard work, but business should also be fun.  We will always keep your success as our top priority, while also encouraging you to enjoy your business, infuse your own personality into it, and never stop learning.  Above all else, we want you to succeed and wake up happy and excited every morning.

What We Do

Online Business Guidance

  • LinkedIn Company Page Setup
  • LinkedIn Profile Development
  • Social Media Account Setup

Marketing Ideas

  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Blogging

Financial Insight

  • Monthly Revenue Reports
  • Monthly Expense Reports
  • Profitability Reports

Inspiration and Motivation

  • Share Relevant Articles and Media
  • Exercises to Think Differently
  • Feedback on New Ideas

How You’ll Benefit

  • New Approaches to Your Business

  • Additional Knowledge Resources

  • Honest Insight

  • Innovative Ideas and Ways of Thinking

  • Inspiring Conversation and Guidance

How We Do It

Periodic Optimization Sessions

We will schedule periodic optimization sessions with you.  During that time, we’ll listen to the challenges facing your business, the new ideas you are considering, and what your current goals are.  Our experience and knowledge will provide you with feedback that you may not have been considering, or reinforce your instincts.  We also love to send your way interesting videos, podcasts, or articles that we feel could benefit you.

Team Performance Reviews

Your business is not only about you.  It is about your team.  A strong team facilitates a strong business.  By tracking and then analyzing the performance of your team, you are in turn analyzing the performance of your business.  We put specific mechanisms in place to track your teams billable hours, revenue performance, and other important data.  Then, we periodically review insights from this data with you, and provide suggestions for how to further optimize your team and your business.

Monthly Financial Reviews

Want to have a successful financial year?  Then you need to have a successful financial quarter, month, week, and day.  By tracking the financial performance of your company from both the micro and macro levels, you’ll be able to determine exactly where missed opportunities are occurring, how revenue can be increased, how expenses can be reduced, and how your company can become more profitable.  We’ll also help you identify your top performers, how to motivate those who are under-performing, and which levers to pull in order to propel your business forward exponentially.

Mastermind Groups

Mastermind groups are small periodic gatherings of individuals with similar goals and ambitions.  During these sessions, various business-related topics are discussed, and opportunities for questions and peer feedback are fostered.  By getting your ideas, hesitations, and goals out of your head and into the world, they become real and accountable.

Ready to get started?  Let’s talk.

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